Entertainment Law

Flashing lights, cameras, and screaming fans are all the perks of being a celebrity and being in show business. But, where there is success, there are people looking to get a piece of it.  The entertainment business is filled with loopholes and it’s important to have a entertainment lawyer to help make industry decisions and look after your best interest in this cut-throat industry.

According to Wikipedia, Entertainment Law Encompasses:

•  Film: Option agreements, finance, chain of title issues, talent agreements (screenwriters, film directors, actors, composers, production designers); production and post production; and trade union issues, distribution issues, motion picture industry negotiations distribution; and general intellectual property.
•  Music: Talent agreements (musicians, composers), producer agreements, and synchronization rights, music industry negotiation and general intellectual property issues.

•  Television & Radio: Broadcast licensing and regulatory issues, mechanical licenses, and general intellectual property issues.

•  Theater: Rental agreements and co-production agreements, and other performance oriented legal issues.

•  Multimedia: Software licensing issues, video game development and production, Information technology law, and general intellectual property issues.

•  Publishing: Print media issues, including advertising, models, author agreements and general intellectual property issues.

•  Visual Arts and Design: fine arts, issues of consignment of artworks to art dealers, moral rights of sculptors regarding works in public places; and industrial design, issues related to the protection of graphic design elements in products.

Where Do I Find an Entertainment Lawyer?

If you need assistance in locating a Entertainment attorney who is experienced in entertainment law claims, contact 866-598-1315.

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